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A world leading supplier of marine and industrial appliances.

With heritage in shipdesign and shipconstruction Kockum Sonics presents a wide range of innovative products for marine and industrial applications. Kockum Sonics’ diversified product portfolio ranges from acoustic signaling and cleaning equipment to level gauging systems and loading computers based on cutting edge information technology.

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Valve Unit TV89

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The Solenoid Valve TV 89 can be fitted to all
For installation together with all type of air horns.

The valve can be mounted indoors or encased
outdoors. The best mounting is with the solenoid
upright and vertical. For distinct code signals, the
pipe must not be longer than 6m between the valve
and horn.

  • Working pressure: 12 – 30 bars (1,2 MPa – 3,0 MPa)
  • Standard voltage: 24VDC, 110VAC, 230VAC
  • For sea vessels